Thursday, June 28, 2012

tails of Minnie & Co.

It all started with my wedding invitations. About a year and a half ago, I was searching for the perfect invitation which would portray the theme of my wedding and a touch of both my husband's and my own personality. After searching for weeks, I resolved to make my own from scratch. As I was making my invitation, I slowly realized that hidden inside of me was a creative knack and a driving passion for all things stationary. After completing my wedding invitations, I offered to make other types of invitations for family and friends, which lead to the creation of Minnie & Co. The name took some time but the inspiration came from our lovely little lovebird, Minnie, and the rest of our quirky family.

Her name is Mignon, prounounced Minion (Despicable Me), Minnie for short 

The rest of the company consists of my husband Asker, myself, and our rose-breasted cockatoo, Rosie.
She is a bit sleepy right now

Tails of Minnie & Co. is the official blog of my business and will chronicle the projects I will be working on. The blog will not just be covering stationary that I design but also projects at home, decor, things I stumble upon, trips we make, and everything in between! This is where I can post about my favorite things and share them with you.

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