Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet Alfred

Our new apartment in Atlanta did not come with a door knocker, so I went out on a quest to find one. I wanted something distinctive and fun so I thought I would look at what Anthropologie had in stock. I find myself browsing their website often coming across something ordinary with a unique twist, like door knockers. They had a couple options for door knockers for us to choose from

The choice was pretty obvious for us, we ordered the woodpecker. We figured we are known as bird people, mainly because of my husband, it would only be appropriate to mark our house with something "birdy."

Shortly after we ordered our knocker, the package came in the mail. I love opening packages from Anthropologie because they always package their goods in creative ways. I had ordered a little trinket as well which came in this adorable felt pouch and the receipt came in this wonderful sticthed envelope. I love the tie-string fastener! I would love to recreate that envelope for a future invitation!
Receipt envelope on left and pouch with trinket on right
Here is our new door knocker!
Do you like our newly stenciled walls in the background?
post on the stenciling coming soon!
We decided to name him Alfred and he will serve the purpose of a butler for us.  I screwed him into our molding since our door is made of metal. It's a pretty decent knocker, I can hear it from any corner of our place.

Can't wait to decorate our entrance further, I'm thinking of putting a topiary outside...

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  1. Super cute! I can't wait to see all the cute things you'll do at your new place!! -Yumna