Saturday, July 28, 2012

Planning ahead

We have been in Atlanta for almost two months now. I have been trying to figure out how to arrange our furniture in our new home, which has double the square footage of our old apartment, to have the best arrangement possible. We decided to put our old bedroom furniture into the guest room. We want something with a little more edge for our new master bedroom. I have had an idea for what I wanted to do for the rest of the apartment but I had some difficulty with the exact style and pieces I would need. After going back and forth with some pieces for the living room, I decided to make a tentative plan for what I wanted to do for our place to use as a guide for myself. It is not set in stone, but it allows me to have a visual of what I want to do with my old furniture and what I would need to get. 

The area I set aside for the reading nook was actually supposed to be the dining area because we needed space to keep our books. Asker and I are both avid readers and take pride in our book collection. We want to keep the number of books growing, therefore we would need more space to store them. The chairs in the reading nook are from our wedding reception. They are not exactly reading chairs but I think they serve their purpose and look great. 

Since I re-purposed the dining area, I had to find a new place for my dining table. We were not planning to use the breakfast bar area so I moved our dining table there. I had it pushed against the wall to have it use less space and put the two side chairs against the wall. When needed for entertainment, the table can be easily pulled out. 

Our master bedroom is still bare and our living room has some ways to go. I plan on taking my time with the apartment instead of rushing it. We have the essentials which is more than enough for now. 

This was the first time I made a 'blueprint' of how I was going to decorate. It really helped me visualize how my apartment would look. The furniture is not made to scale but it is enough to give an idea of how much space I have. 

Have you ever made a blueprint of how you are going to decorate? If not, what do you do?


  1. I love that you're so organized haha. Keep us updated by putting up pictures of decorating/arranging!!!

    1. Thank you Yumna! I love it to, it gives you such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside :)