Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gallery Wall in the Bathroom

Recently, we have been obsessing with graphic prints of sayings and proverbs. We thought the place to display our favorites would be in our bathroom! Before I started on my bathroom gallery, I thought I would check to see if anyone else had tried it. I searched it on Pinterest and here is what I came up with! Looks like I am not alone! Now instead of magazines, you can ponder at the art all around you.

via: Apartment Therapy

via: Apartment Therapy
via: Apartment Therapy

via: Apartment Therapy
My bathroom is currently a light espresso color. I am definitely going to paint it but I'm debating between green or doing yellow and white vertical stripes. I love how this Anna Spiro Trellis wall paper contrasts with the frames. 

What do you think, yellow and white stripes or solid green walls? 

With my gallery project, I just started a new line of products for Minnie & Co. We will now be offering graphic prints! Feel free to give suggestions.

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  1. yellow and white stripes!

    this is an awesome idea! cant wait to see the final outcome :)