Monday, September 24, 2012

No-Sew Curtain Tutorial

I have to apologize for my lack of posts this past month and a half. I have had a very active and busy month with lots of projects, which I will be posting about this week.  So look for an influx of blog posts ranging from home decor to new Minnie&Co products!  For today, I have a no-sew curtain tutorial for your viewing pleasure!

I got this fabric from my Mom a year ago to use as curtains in my home. I had made make-shift curtains by sewing some quick stitches, but it did not do the fabric justice. The embroidery is all hand made by the craftsmen in India, and I wanted it to hang in its true glory. 

The fabric is very thick and the wool embroidery is even thicker, making it very difficult to cut straight. I had to use the old trick of cutting a small tear and pulling a thread to guide my way down. Unfortunately my sewing scissors were missing so I had to resort to my dingy old elementary school day scissors. Sorry for the picture quality, this was a late night project and I was using my camera phone for pictures.

First, you lay you the fabric flat and you cut a little snippet into the fabric.

Then you pull the strand(s) poking out in the middle firmly but gently. Be careful not to tug or the thread will break.

You will need to gently push the fabric up while pulling the string. You will feel the thread(s) that you are trying to pull in the process.

When the thread breaks you will need to cut the fabric along the line you just created by pulling the thread out. If you look closely, there is a line on the right of the dots on the fabric. Be careful not to cut too far because you will need to look for thread again. Repeat the steps until you have cut a completely straight line.

Now you will need this iron-on adhesive to bond a hem on both ends of the fabric. Then you will need to align the adhesive to the bottom and then fold in once. Secure the folds with straight pins to hold it in place. Lightly run the iron on the edge just so the adhesive sticks enough for you to pull the pins out. Then, cover with a cotton fabric and iron over the whole edge.

When done, use some clip curtain rings to hold the curtain up. I got my rings from Bed, Bath & Beyond and my curtain rod from Home Depot. I wanted a dull metallic gold finish so I got some spray paint and painted them. 

Here are my curtains all hung up. I love how they look with my stenciled walls, it is the perfect mix of patterns. 


  1. Ahhhh, I'm in love with everything about this post! Your living room is soo cute! On top of being my wedding planner, you're going to have to be my interior designer ;)

    1. I would gladly do all of the above for you :) you know how much I enjoy it haha. Please plan a visit soon!